Standard Measuring Tools

Chosen For Its Stability And High Accuracies

granite is one of the best materials to meet the ever changing and sophisticated applications demanding coplanarity, perpendicularity, parallelism, flatness, and straightness.

Customized Engineering Components

Specializes In Custom Precision Granite Solutions.

by collaborating with engineers to understand your unique needs and applying our experiential knowledge, we deliver value-added designs optimized for performance and price.

Provides Assembly Services

Handles Partial Or Full Assembly To Customer Specifications.

with our precision technologies and skilled technicians, the ND team provides next-level value-add assembly services.

On account of granite specific properties

which is an optimum material for the manufacture of precision equipment.

We provide components within a few microns in accuracy

over very large areas for advanced manufacturing machines, quality control and research applications

The Latest Developments in Precision Manufacturing

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